Icakuriren, nr 48, 2007

Lars was the first in the family to attend a basic course and he kept on practicing at home. In the article, Ulrika says that she noticed the training was good for Lars. She was getting out of shape so even though she was skeptical about whether the training would be good for her, she attended a basic course. Surprisingly she noticed that the foot that she had some problems with improved during the course. She also noticed she was more vigorous.

Ulrika and Lars practiced together at home. The children saw them practise and they also heard the training cd. Ulrika tells of one evening when Maya couldn't sleep. She asked to listen to the cd. "Then she fell asleep immediately because she felt so relaxed and secure," Ulrika says.

Headaches disappeared after Zhineng Qigong summer course.

Earlier Lars and Ulrika took turns to participate in the summer course. This summer they signed up for the whole family. Their plan was to stay nine days but when the course was over they took a joint decision and stayed another nine days on the second course. "In the course, the children felt good", Ulrika says. She adds that Maya often had headaches before the course but after the course her headache was gone. Lars and Ulrika think that the children are more harmonious after the course even though it's hard to say whether it's entirely due to Qigong.

Qigong is a training art, says Ulrika. "I'm completely allergic to new age and when someone starts talking about energies. For me Qigong is no bullshit," says Lars.