Smålänningen - Qigong calms and gives energy

Every semester there's a basic course in Zhineng Qigong arranged in Ljungby. The local paper "Smålänningen", wrote an article about the course on September 10th. In the article Ulrika Kanstrup and Linda Bäckström share the results they have got from the training. Ulrika explains that she started to practice due to a stressful degree project. She is quoted in the article: "What a tool Qigong is to take control over oneself."

Migraine is better due to Zhineng Qigong.

Linda has travelled from Kalmar to attend the course in Ljungby. "I came here to practice in the strong Qi-feld here in Ljungby", she tells. She continues to tell that her migraine is better due to Qigong. The teacher Angelica Berg emphasises the importance of really examining what results you can get from the method, not just chose a method because it seems good.