Österbottniska Posten: "Oigong in Österbotten"

Marina Nedergård is the contact person in Vasa. She runs the weekly group training and she arranges basic courses. She tells in the paper "Österbottniska Posten" that she has got great health improvements from the training. Therefore she wants to give other people same possibility. "The training makes me feel good and I wish other people get the same chance," she says. She tells us that the name "Qigong" is a collection of different kinds of methods and she emphasis the importance to choose method with care. The training group practices together weekly. Every spring and autumn there's a basic course in Vasa. "In the last basic course we were 16-17 persons", says Marina. In the middle of March the next course takes place in Vasa. Anyone who has attended a basic course can come to the group training. "We have our group and our organisation to support the participants", says Marina.