Året Runt: "Qigong saved my life"

I got new friends and more energy

The reporter from "Året Runt" met Elsie at the summer course in Kvänum, a course Elsie has attended several times. Elsie tells in the article that she has suffered from many difficulties in life, event of deaths within the family and different diseases herself. Zhineng Qigong and the summer course saved her. "I got new friends and more energy", she tells in the paper.

Migraine disappeared

By practicing she has got ride of many different health problems, for instance migraine, nose bleed, pain in the shoulders and tinnitus. She says that there's only one problem left, her tear duct. If she got ride of that as well her son has told her that he will start to practice as well. In the article there's also a fact box about Qigong and there we can read about the research done in Sweden, showing effects from the training.