Aftonbladet's Sunday supplement: "Practice body and mind with Qigong"

The reporter, who tries Qigong for the first time, writes an article about the summer course in Kvänum. She says that there are participants from whole Europe and she writes that "if miracle ever happens, they happen here".

The body gets strong enough to cure

She talks to Dongyue Su who says that "we never talk about curing or healing. By practicing Qigong you straighten the body so it gets strong enough to cure what's not so good in the body."

A Norwegian man describes Qigong the following way: "Qigong is like a Harley Davidson motor bike. You fiddle a bit here and there to get the dream sound in the bike until you feel pleased. Qigong works the same way for me."

The reporter also speaks to four of the participants who shortly tell us what they've got from the training. There are also some pictures coming with the article. On one of them we can see Emilia, one of our youngest participants. She says that arm training is her favourite exercise.