Skaraborg läns tidning: "Qigong created a buffer"

The summer course was the turning point

"Skaraborgs Läns tidning" meets Gunilla after the summer course in Kvänum, which she attends for the first time. The course was a turning point for her. She tells us that she got biten by a tick a couple of years ago, which ended up in meningitis.

She has suffered from many different sympthoms, severe headache, among others. She couldn't use neither the computer, nor the TV and she hasn't been able to be in strong sun light. The doctors estimated that the symptoms could last for 4-5 years. In April she attended her first basic course.

Already after a week of practice she noticed that she was more energetic. Now, at the summer course, she hasn't needed to wear her hat or her sun glasses.

"I havn't been this happy since I got my children 25 years ago", she says. She also says that she is very hopeful to what effects she can get from Qigong.